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PVC Rigid

PVC Rigid sheet is a widely used and versatile plastic product. It carries good impact tensile strength and has excellent chemical resistance. Commonly used in fabrication and engineering applications. PVC rigid sheet is good for poly-welding and used for chemical storage tanks, fume cupboards given its chemical resistant properties. Also proven to be a weatherable sheet its used a lot in external applications and signage.


PVC Free Foam

PVC Free Foam – used commonly in signage, printing, POS displays, exhibition temporary stands. PVC Free Foam is light weight and easy foam board to fabricate and work with.


PVC Integral Foam

Produced in thicker gauges, Integral Foam Board is more structural and durable with more denser surfaces. Applications include external signs, bathroom cabinetry carcases, marine boat cabin bulk-heads. Being moisture resistant, strong and lightweight makes this board very versatile in structural applications.


PVC Foam Digital Print

Similar to Free Foam but is higher in density to allow for digital printing requirements. Corona treatment is applied to surface to assist printing ink adhesion. Mostly supplied in a bright white and smooth surface for print image quality.

Grades and Applications

  • ABS General Purpose for forming applications for internal applications
  • Recycled ABS grades used where aesthetics are not as important, whilst still maintaining ABS general
  • Matt ABS provides a lower gloss surface.
  • UV modified ABS for limited outdoor use.
  • Fire rated ABS for applications such as Bus, Rail, and electrical enclosures.