New Zealand / Australia

Polyethylene (PE)


Polyethylene is a very robust thermoplastic and has a wide range of applications, used in industries such as blow moulding, packaging, thermoforming and rotational moulding.

In sheet form it is widely used in thermoforming applications for its high impact, wear resistance, and UV stability and makes it ideal for many industrial applications.

Grades and Applications

  • HDPE General Purpose lower density grade for cutting boards and packaging applications.
  • HMWPE Higher density with improved forming properties and stability. Used widely for automotive utility vehicle liners. Available with specialty additives to allow increased stiffness and physical toughness.
  • UHMWPE “Ultra High” molecular weight for engineering applications where improved wear resistance is required while still having low friction properties. Wear strips, conveyor components, mining and forestry applications etc.



PP have similar properties to HDPE with less impact strength. Extruded sheet from copolymer polypropylene for use in automotive, leisure, food, medical and general thermoforming and fabrication markets.

PP is a versatile material where Talc or calcium modified grades are available for dimensional stability and HDT critical applications. Modern grades are more easily formed to be used in both shallow and deep draw thermoforming as well as folding, welding and machining.

PP Coreflute is light weight with fluted hollow cells. Used for POS, packaging, signage and printing applications.

Grades and Applications

  • Food grade chopping boards and food packaging
  • Fume cupboards for Laboratory testing
  • Industrial fire retardant applications
  • PP reinforced material for thermoforming internal and external parts
  • Thin – medium gauge print media
  • PP hollow Coreflute for POS, signage, and printing

Prime Bubble-X

Prime Bubble-X is PP sheet air-bubble co-extruded PP board. A new patented technology, it is a co-extruded board made of three layers: a central thermoformed bubble core, and two flat, compact “external skins” with “matte” finishes. These external layers are smooth and corona-treated to provide outstanding printing performance. Unlike traditional core-flute, Bubble-X has multi directional strength integrity meaning, it won’t give way or fold in any one direction.

Grades and Applications

  • Reusable pallet system and sleeves
  • Transport courier boxes
  • FDA approved for food packaging
  • POS display
  • Direct print-on media board
  • Panelling as is or core substrate for laminated panels

TUFF-X (Thermoplastic olefin)


This modified olefin is an exceptionally tough and durable product, with the added feature of very low thermal expansion compared with other thermoplastics makes it an ideal replacement over traditional fiberglass parts.

Tuff-X can be produced with UV resistance, high or low gloss appearance, smooth or textured surface, in virtually any colour, as well as a soft touch feel. We currently have product available for qualified thermoforming applications.

Grades and Applications

  • Prime Tuff-X 200/500 mono grades that can be used in paint after applications. For outdoor vehicle, machinery or any high impact applications.
  • Prime Tuff-X 500 HG High gloss surface, pre coloured. For outdoor vehicles, cladding, machinery or any high impact applications.
  • Prime Tuff-X ST Soft Touch with TPO texture surface. For truck cabin, RV internal parts.
  • Prime Tuff-X FR Fire retardant applications