New Zealand / Australia



A clear or opal material which is virtually unbreakable, it is also heat resistant and has stiffness properties. Through co-extrusion and modifiers, good UV resistance can be achieved for architectural applications. Clear PC is often used in glazing and glass replacement where breakage and weight are a contributing factors.

Grades and Applications

      PC Solid Sheet

  • PC GP solid sheet is a tough material and used for applications such as industrial machine guards, or wherever high impact properties are required.
  • PC UV solid sheet is a UV resistant sheet either one or both sides. Used for outdoor applications in architectural, signage, barriers and many clear or opal requirements.
  • PC AR solid sheet has an abrasive resistant hard coated surface. Used in public glazing applications where improved abrasion resistance is required such as bus shelters, bank anti-jump screens, prison security glazing, and riot shields to list a few.


     Roofing Sheets

  • Corrugated PC general clear and tinted roofing sheet
  • Multiwall PC for roof glazing. Different core structure and layers gives multiwall varying degrees of sound, UV, and thermal insulation properties.
  • PC profiles are supplied for joining and fixing PC roofing sheets