New Zealand / Australia


Polyester is widely extruded for the packaging of food and medical products. PETG is more durable than Acrylic and has excellent clarity, chemical resistance and has good forming properties. Thick gauge PETG is also widely used within the fabrication industry for point of purchase in internal applications for its added features as compared with Acrylic.

PETG co-polyesters in solid colours are now being favoured over traditional PVC based materials, especially in fire retardant applications within the building industry. This is due to PETG’s non halogen/non toxic properties in a fire break-out environment.

Grades and Applications

    • Vivak GP PETG available in clear and coloured sheet
    • Prime PETG 14471. A food grade polyester made from 100% virgin resins in a clean room environment. It is suitable for gamma ray, ETO or electron beam sterilization.
    • Exolon Bayloy 50 series includes coloured and textured co polyester and comes in an excellent fire retardant version that meets stringent building standards. Good for thermoforming and can be used for internal or external applications.