High Impact Polystyrene is a versatile and cost effective material. Used for numerous applications and commonly  used for thermoformed food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic trays.

Manufactured for print applications and direct print-on packaging, loyalty/credit cards, and point of sale displays. Prime print grade HIPS cover all printing methods from screen printing through to complex digital applications.

Grades and Applications

  • PRIME IMPAX 250: General Purpose and thermoforming grade . FDA compliant and suitable for Radiation and ETO sterilisation.

  • PRIME DIGI-HIPS: Engineered to meet the demands of digital printing. Added UV inhibiting, higher dyne level, and improved impact.

  • PRIME CLEAR-X 200: Engineered specifically for rigid packaging markets. Clear-X 200 is suitable for Gamma, EtO, and E-Beam sterilisation processes.

PRIME HIPS are available in both sheets and reel form.