New Zealand / Australia


Senosan furniture films are regarded the highest quality and 2nd to none in mechanical properties and finish within their class. Senosan film and glass surface products are a true reflection of developing a product to application requirements. Through the Senosan range is a surface film to meet your colour, gloss or matt level, scratch, and chemical resistant specification.

All Senosan matt products are now treated with Senosan’s latest Anti-Finger print technology (AF).

Grades and Applications

  • AM1500 Gloss
  • AM1700 Gloss
  • AM1500 Metallic
  • AM1800 TopX Gloss
  • AM1800 TopMatt AF


  • TopX Glass & TopMatt Glass: Bathroom shower walls and splashback walls. Has glass finish colour depth in gloss or matt.
  • HP17RS & AM1450RS: Used for rear side of cabinet doors and panels.
  • A48 Softfeel 0001: Used as a non slip drawer liner
  • VP M1800X 6M Gloss Clear Overlay
  • VP M1800M 6M Matt Clear Overlay: Laminating clear over lay to existing laminated products to improve quality and appearance.


SENOSAN Topx Glass