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Globally, fire retardant materials are becoming mandatory across numerous industries and government standards. We see this especially prevalent in transport and building specifications. Plastics play a large roll in these industries and PMP offer a wide range of materials which meet fire rating levels across a vast array of applications.

The below listed products cover only some FR materials and applications across the mentioned industries. Given there are too many FR products and test standards to list, please contact your nearest PMP office to enquire on other grades and standards for your project.

Grades and Applications


  • Epsotech PC R1 Railway , Approved for used on side and ceiling internal panelling in trains.
  • Epsotech PP R6 Railway, Approved material for train seatbacks.
  • Senosan C60FR-5, PC/ABS blend approved for RI applications being vertical and ceiling horizontal panelling.
  • Makrolon FR, Polycarbonate approved for various railway FR applications including opal R4 light diffusers.
  • Boltaron 4800, PVC/Alloy approved for most applications in train mass transport within USA. Also available as 4800-AG which is anti graffiti treated.



  • epsotech AB AN2 V0: Fire rated ABS approved for all bus internal parts and panelling.
  • Senosan C60FR-3: PC/ABS composite approved for all internal parts and panelling.
  • Senosan C60FR-2U SUPERMATT: PC/ABS composite with an ultra matt surface. Approved for bus internal dash parts and general panelling.
  • Senosan C60FR-1 Softfeel Matt: PC/ABS composite with a leather type surface feel.
  • Senosan CM60FR-3 Solar: UV Acrylic capped /PC-ABS composite for external parts.
  • Prime TUFF-X FR: TPO for external parts. Pre-coloured or paint after applications


  • Co polyester FR: Building internal panelling, hospital bump rails and door kick plates.
  • Boltaron 4353: PVC/Alloy for internal protective wall lining, laminated panels.
  • Boltaron 4335: PVC/Alloy for electrical enclosures, airport kiosks and displays.
  • Prime 3000FR: PP fire rated for laboratory fume cupboards, hospital trays and general FR internal parts


  • epsotech PV RA1 AA: PVC/ABS approved for aircraft internal panelling and parts.
  • Boltaron 9800: PVC/Alloy approved for aircraft internal panelling and parts.

Please Note: The above mentioned Fire Retardant products are just some of the materials PMP offer. Given the complexities and vast array of grades and standards we cannot list all products. Please contact your PMP branch to be qualified to the correct Fire Retardant material for your project.