ABS sheet is extruded in many forms to suit a wide variety of applications. It has very good impact strength and easily thermo formable. By introducing additives changes the base properties to achieve characteristics such as improved impact, UV stability, flame retardant, and high heat resistance. ABS comes in smooth gloss, matt and many embossed surface finishes.

Grades and Applications

  • ABS General Purpose for forming applications for internal applications
  • Recycled ABS grades used where aesthetics are not as important, whilst still maintaining ABS general
  • Matt ABS provides a lower gloss surface.
  • UV modified ABS for limited outdoor use.
  • Fire rated ABS for applications such as Bus, Rail, and electrical enclosures.

PMMA/ABS (Acrylic ABS)

Within this PMMA/ABS range of materials PMP proudly represent world leading Senosan multi layered
products. Senosan materials have been developed over many years with expertise in producing
coextruded products to meet specified market applications. These applications are found within
Automotive, Mass Transport, Caravans, Bathroom ware, furniture and many other industrial markets.

Senosan sheet has extremely good properties for thermoforming and include High Gloss, Matt and
Semi Matt surfaces, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, High Impact strength, and UV resistant.
Senosan has excellent surface colour technology which delivers proven stability and production
consistency. Colours come in both solid and metallics with colour matching available on request.

Grades and Applications

  • Senosan AM50 Weatherable grades have many applications in which UV resistance and stability is
    required such as caravan parts, transport external panels, marine, agricultural and many other
    external industrial parts
  • Senosan Furniture Films are laminated to board to create high gloss, matt or textured surfaces
    used in kitchen cabinetry, doors, furniture panels etc. Comes with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint
  • Senosan 3000 Sanitaryware series designed for thermoforming bathroom ware such as baths,
    vanities shower bases and walls. Properties include High Gloss and Matt surfaces, high
    scratch and chemical resistance.
  • PMP Shower Glue: Developed specifically for bonding Senosan sanitary sheet to shower walls and securing shower trays.
ABS Products PMP Group

Composite ABS materials

By utilising other thermoplastic materials through co extrusion and adding additives , it is possible to create additional features to ABS products. Some variations include:

Grades and Applications

  • ASA/ABS provides improved UV stability.
  • TPU/ABS (SoftFeel) provides a soft touch feel to the sheet in applications such as automotive and marine dash boards.
  • PC/ABS for improved impact resistance and heat stability.
  • PVC/ABS FR, PC/ABS FR: Fire retardant ABS composites for improved chemical, fire resistance for applications such as rail, aircraft, transport and electronic applications.