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PMP is an internationally recognized supplier of Plastic Materials for use in Thermoforming, Manufacturing, Printing, and Building products. Our company is part of an established global network which specify, supply, engineer and develop plastics designed to application. PMP offer all forms of specialty Thermoplastic materials which includes, sheets, films, and profiles to Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia regions.

PMP has been one of the first within their space to promote “Go Green” in both materials and operationally through a closed loop waste recycling program. We include compostable and bio-based polymer products within our “Go Green” sustainable solutions.

PMP Technologies is an integral part of the PMP Group who can assist our clients and supply partners with specification, prototyping, production analysis and training. For any further information please call your closest PMP office today. 

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PMP represent a large range of products that vary within each region and applications. Please search through the following links to help find a solution within our range of offerings. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the PMP team who are available to help. 

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PMP Group have locations in the following locations:-

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