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PVC Rigid


PVC is another widely used plastic sheet product. It has a good impact, tensile strength and has excellent chemical resistance. Standard colour additives provide excellent weatherability. It is also widely used in a variety of fabrication for engineering and construction applications, chemical storage tanks, fume cupboards, signage etc.

PVC Foam


A foamed lightweight PVC used in signage and POP displays. PVC Integral Foam produced in thicker gauges with a dense surface has wide applications for external signs as it is lightweight, durable, UV resistant and rigid for large areas.

PVC Foam Cell Board


A light weight, hard skinned, material with excellent outdoor capabilities. Used in a wide variety of building applications including cladding and windows, door revels, sills and soffit applications.

uPVC Building and Glazing Profiles


A lightweight recyclable alternative to wood or aluminium glazing frames. It allows for bending and can be used in architecturally designed windows, doors and fencing. It can be used in new innovative ways such as skirting boards and architraves etc. Some other applications include use in Soffits, Window reveals and external house cladding. ( More Information )



Variations on PVC and its specialised combination with Acrylic alloy highly specified Fire retardant and rigid material for use in many vehicle or mass transport applications. Able to be formed and has various surface textures available for use in high traffic areas.

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