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PMP has established its own South East Asian Head Quarters operation, for the storage of stock, inventories and supply of our building construction materials to the South East Asian and Oceania region.

Our prime areas of initial contact will be:

  1. Brunei; Cambodia; China; Christmas Island; Cocos (Keeling) Island
  2. East Timor; Guam; India; Indonesia; Japan; Laos
  3. Malaysia; Myanmar (Burma); Philippines
  4. Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam

This operation was established as a central point to house product of a commercial nature to secure Just in Time (JiT) forecast systems for our trusted distribution partners, whom we have appointed for our construction products.

We see this Building Construction area is growing, and are supplying to OEM’s, as well as manufacturing companies who require raw materials to ensure their product meets the high demands of their exporting customers.