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The Transport Industry has also recognised the value of converting certain construction methods and replacing these with Thermoplastic sheets and composite structures. As this industry feels the effect of rising costs of operation weight becomes a crucial factor to increase payloads. Working together with principal sheet and core suppliers and adhesive and reinforcement companies PMP have been able to offer cost effective solutions.

Applications and popular products used

Exterior Body parts and panels Senosan AM50 Solar Senosan CM60 Solar
Tuff X
Wall Panels Senosan AM50 Solar
Plascore PP Honeycomb
Wind deflectors Senosan AM50 Solar
Tuff X
Interior Dashboard parts Soft Touch
Matt ABS
Laminated effect coloured ABS
Internal Compartments HMWPE
Bathroom and Shower units Senosan 3000X
Decorative Parts Senotop
Laminated effect coloured ABS
HMWPE and HDPE Elastomers
Rubber Products

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