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Within Australasia we have a very strong marine industry from Ocean going Yachts and Luxury Motor boats to Sea Kayaks and Pleasure craft. This industry has a very strong base in polyester reinforcement and composite panel construction for the production of a large proportion of the hull and body work. As the knowledge of Thermoplastic material grows more and more areas in this industry are looking for Solutions in Thermoplastic sheet to provide, lightweight, increased productivity, recyclability, surface finish etc.

Applications and popular products used

Exterior Body parts and panels Senosan AM50 Solar
Tuff X
Wall Panels/Side Skirting/Vehicular roofs Senosan AM50 Solar
Plascore PP Honeycomb
Foam Cores Materials
Wind deflectors Senosan AM50 Solar
Tuff X
Interior Dashboard parts Soft Touch
Matt ABS
Laminated effect coloured ABS
Internal Compartments HMWPE
Bathroom and Shower units Senosan 3000X
Decorative Parts Senotop
Laminated effect coloured ABS