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POLI-FILM and PMP extend their co-operation to the New Zealand market

POLI-FILM GmbH (Germany – ) and related companies and PMP Group have extended their relationship in supply of Masking films and related construction and packaging foils to New Zealand. Both companies signed a representation and distribution agreement on the
1st of April 2012.

The collaboration will see further investment made by PMP NZ into infrastructure and challenging applications which readily exist in the New Zealand industrial environment. The POLI-FILM Group of companies has a growing manufacturing and distribution platform throughout the world. PMP is part of this International Co-Operative, and have identified the need to align ourselves with a long time proven and trusted supply partner. Applications requiring Surface Protection films include:      

  1. Coated metals
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Decorative laminates
  4. Glass
  5. Carpets and Hard Flooring
  6. UPVC profiles and panels
  7. Aluminum profiles
  8. Plastic sheets
  9. Automobiles
  10. Optical sheets, etc.

Construction and packaging foils will also be investigated.

For further information please call: Mr. Bruce Crozier of  PMP NZ Limited, 13 John Glenn Avenue, Albany
Tel +64 9 414 1600 or